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frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions that I have received over the years.

General questions
Foremost, We will NOT do sub standard work. We were just asked to install IKEA cabinets. Those are the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. Low end particle board. We priced solid wood cabinets with soft closes doors and drawers; per the customer, they saved $500 over real wood cabinets with soft close doors/drawers which would have lasted 20+ years for something that will be lucky to last 1 year. It wasn't  2 days later that we were called about the doors coming loose. If you want IKEA, fnd someone that cares as little as you do. We DO NOT install IKEA anythng.
We take the time to get to know our customers and learn what they like and dislike and what their concerns are. Then we try to put together a design idea and price that fits their needs and budget.
Meeting new people is a great part of the job but the absolute best part is taking something that looked a little run down and turning it into their dream.
Make sure that they are insured and ask for at least 3 references that you can call and or go by and see the work.
We have been working with commercial and residential customers for almost 40 years now. We primarily do bathroom and kitchen remodels but are not limited to just those. We can take care of decks, basements, or any other project you need done around the home or office. Hence the name Installations Unlimited.
Pricing isn't complicated, the jobs are. I've been to literally hundreds of homes and businesses over the years and I have never seen the same thing twice. I don't like giving quotes over the phone/internet because I don't like to short change the customer or myself. Once I look at the job and give an estimate though you never get hit with change orders unless you personally change something. What you were quoted is what the price will be.
I like to sit down with them and find out what it is that they are looking to accomplish as well as get an idea of their tastes. On kitchens and baths, I generally do a CAD drawing so we can lay out the space better and they can get a visual of what the finished area will look like.
I trained under an experienced flooring tech/carpenter for several years before going out on my own. I am also a licensed physical therapist which comes in handy when we are making a home handicapped accessible. I also have a 20 hour OSHA certification and attend several continuing education courses a year to keep up with the latest trends and innovations.
The biggest two items would be what they are trying to accomplish and the budget. You aren't going to get a champagne kitchen on a beer budget. Over the years, I've found that keeping the customer to their budget is probably the most challenging aspect of the job.
We took a 1900 bungalow that was literally falling apart due to water and termite damage and turned it into a dream cottage that the owner currently uses as a vacation rental when they aren't in town. The entire project took about 3 months to totally gut the house, fix all the structural issues then put it all back together. The transformation was unbelievable.
New Customers
We offer a 1 year warranty on all labor. Materials are warranted per the manufacturer.
Yes, we carry a $10 million dollar liability policy as well as workers comp.